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A smart, digital and sustainable Grid

Today the grid is the gateway to the energy transition, supporting the processes of decarbonization and electrification. Nowadays, using “decarbonized” electricity represents a sustainable choice, and the grid is the enabler that makes this choice possible. Nevertheless, investment is indispensible for making the grid more “intelligent”, modern and digital.

Our grid is a cutting-edge infrastructure, a bridge to the future that is enabling new services for clients and ensuring their active participation in the electricity system.

The grid is increasingly becoming a multi-access and multi-requirement platform, open to supporting every form of collaboration and market development.

We work constantly to ensure the safety, resilience and reliability of our networks in order to guarantee higher and higher standards of service quality.

We are contributing to national growth with our infrastructure and networks that are increasingly smart and digital, fundamental for accelerating the energy transition.

Vincenzo Ranieri, Head of Grids Italy