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Smart Meters

The new Open Meter is the result of a journey of technological innovation in the field of measurement and remote management. Smart measuring systems are able to provide detailed information about consumption and production profiles and to communicate with devices present in the home, thereby enabling smart home automation systems.

Thanks to these advanced measuring technologies and the calculation power of smart meters, increasingly detailed and granular energy data is now available, offering opportunities to better understand consumption habits and interact with other stakeholders in the energy market.

We’ve launched a massive replacement campaign to make the latest generation of meters available to all our customers by 2024. This is an important commitment to supporting people in becoming conscious actors and active participants in the energy ecosystem and making them protagonists of the energy transition.

The Open Meter also facilitates advanced management of the technical parameters of the distribution grids, acting as a truly advanced sensor, enabling thorough monitoring of each individual energy exchange point. This enables the system operator to have detailed information for a thorough monitoring of the grid’s function status and to receive alerts in real time in case of noteworthy events, for example voltage interruptions. The result is two devices in one: a smart meter for commercial purposes and a grid sensor for real-time monitoring of the grid.

Meters are a concrete example of how distribution grids are a natural platform for the development of added value services for customers and for the creation of new opportunities for all operators in the sector.