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A grid at the cutting-edge

A grid that’s increasingly ‘smart’, innovative and capable of ensuring high quality service is at the heart of an efficient and sustainable electricity system. Our grid is a complex and technologically advanced infrastructure. Thanks to the data that it collects in real time and digital intelligence, the system is highly automated and significantly reduces the time required for interventions and repairs, while ensuring greater safety.


Electricity cables converge in the secondary substations, the nerve centers where the voltage is transformed. Nowadays the substations are fully-fledged technological hubs equipped with advanced automation and remote control systems that, combined with the latest generation telecommunications technologies, are able to ensure the constant improvement of service quality, a necessary condition in the current context of the increasing electrification of consumption.

Infrastructure that’s not only efficient, but also pleasing to look at: from a perspective of sustainability and respect for the environment, with the involvement of artists and local stakeholders, we’re promoting the creation of street art on our substations across Italy. This is an initiative whose core goal is integrating our assets into their surroundings, especially urban and suburban areas. Just as the grid is the enabler of new services and opportunities for customers, in the same way art is an enabler of a new way of experiencing the spaces around us, making them safer, more sustainable and human-friendly.